Storm forces NY-NJ port closure for Thursday

The Port of New York and New Jersey will close Thursday and other ports across the US Northeast say they will closely watch the progression of a fierce winter storm expected to dump six inches of snow in the region.

The operators of New York’s six marine terminals announced Wednesday morning their decision to close, and some chassis and container pools said they will as well. Baltimore said Wednesday afternoon that no decision to close has yet been made.

“As of now we are expecting the Port of Baltimore to operate business as usual,” said Baltimore spokesperson Richard Scher. “It usually takes a much more significant weather event to impact our operating hours.”

Baltimore is on the edge of what forecasters say will be the area affected by the storm, which stretches north up the East Coast to Bar Harbor, Maine. Baltimore is expected to get one to three inches of snow, and New York and Philadelphia could see five inches to eight inches, according to Boston may get eight inches to 12 inches, the weather news website said.

In Philadelphia, the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal does not plan to slow down as a result of the weather.

“Expect a full staff and normal operations,” David N. Whene, president of Greenwich Terminals, which operates the terminal, said. The Philadelphia Forest Products Center, a terminal dedicated to handling forest products, also said it would be open.

A spokesman for the port of Portland, Maine, said it is anticipating anywhere from six inches to 18 inches, which is fairly “common” there, and there are no plans to close the port.

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