As a global service provider, Gateway Logistics Group recognizes and understands its obligation to comply with an ever expanding array of domestic and international regulations. Gateway is committed to ensuring that all business activities on behalf of the company observe and respect these regulations and conform to the highest standards of integrity. Gateway, its directors, and its employees shall conduct Gateway’s business affairs honestly, fairly, impartially, and in an ethical manner at all times.

Conduct, which could potentially damage Gateway Logistics’ reputation or create the appearance of illegal, unethical or improper conduct, is strictly prohibited. Every employee is expected to and is responsible for representing Gateway Logistics in a manner that both protects and promotes the company’s values, brand, and reputation.

Gateway will strive to continually strengthen our global ethics policy by:

    • Understanding and respecting the relevant rules and regulations across our global portfolio of commercial activities
    • Developing and enforcing corporate standards to ensure strict compliance by our workforce
    • Selecting a diverse population of both staff and business partners who share similar values and standards of integrity
    • Proactively engaging with staff and business partners to identify and address potential compliance concerns
    • Positively supporting all of Gateway’s stakeholders in their efforts to live up to these objectives

It is essential for each director and employee of Gateway Logistics Group to review this policy and understand the principles of ethical conduct set forth herein. This policy will be reinforced through effective training and by our communication of clear corporate standards.