Gateway Logistics Group has always been highly committed to ensuring corporate quality. The company strives to ensure that our organization and processes remain both comprehensive and consistent. We currently deploy standardized regulatory, operational and compliance procedural guidelines – all a part of our operational excellence and quality initiatives to supplement our standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Our quality management program consists of four major components – planning, control, assurance and improvement. All components work together towards the achievability of consistent quality output. Through the use of measureable and definable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we are also able to track our areas of excellence and areas of improvement.

A significant part of Gateway’s continuous improvement program is to ensure that corrective action takes place in order to prevent the recurrence of non-conformances. It is a key part of our quality program that non-conformances are reviewed and root causes are determined. Once the corrective action is implemented, a follow-up review is conducted in order to determine if the action was a successful and effective remedy.

Our quality objectives consist of:

    • Understanding our current and future clients’ needs
    • Meeting and exceeding our customers’ requirements and expectations
    • Establishing leadership unity of purpose and direction
    • Involving all appropriate Gateway personnel at all levels of the organization
    • Improving current process performance based on client-specific criteria
    • Identifying and acting on opportunities for continuous improvement

Through the leadership of executive management, and more importantly, through our actions, we build an environment where employees are fully involved in our quality processes. Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement drives our business. We are firmly committed to be the very best we can be.

Gateway Logistics Group is dedicated to continuously improving the services needed to meet, anticipate, and exceed our clients’ requirements. In accomplishing this, we will favourably impact the successes of our clients, while significantly contributing to our own well-being.