Gateway Logistics Group’s focus on sustainable development and continuous improvement are key elements of our global strategy and corporate values. We take great pride in the quality of our work and deeply respect the cultures and environments in which we operate. Gateway’s logistics expertise and commitment to both operational excellence and the safe transport of hazardous materials provides assurance to our clients that their cargo is always handled properly, with a view to the environment as well as personal safety.

As a service oriented company, Gateway endeavors to meet the needs of the present without compromising the environment for future generations. To be sustainable, a company must find an equitable balance between economic viability, the environmental health of our community as well as our social resources, which comprise of our employees, sub-contractors, vendors, clients and communities.

Our program goals consist of:

    • Reducing the company’s environmental footprint and impact
    • Using sustainability as a tool for economic development
    • Introducing sustainability principles to our employees

It is important, to the company’s ownership, management and employees, to lead by example, minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations and activities while promoting innovative solutions to critical environmental problems.

Gateway has ultimate responsibility for the health and safety within the company and its subsidiaries. The management team within Gateway Logistics Group is actively committed to the continuous improvement of the company standards of health, safety, security and the environment in the workplace.

Our people are the company’s key resource, and their health, safety, and welfare are central to our core values.