Gateway Logistics Group understands and accepts our responsibility to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees, contractors, business partners and the general public. Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSS&E) performance are core values of the corporation and will be managed as an integral part of our business. All of Gateway’s employees are responsible for assuring that we achieve continual and measurable improvement in HSS&E.

Gateway will strive to:

    • Comply with all applicable HSS&E laws and regulations
    • Endeavor to eliminate all accidents, injuries and environmental incidents related to both domestic and international shipping standards and practice
    • Make HSS&E management a priority throughout our global operations, including transportation options, planning, carrier selection, warehousing and office facilities and processes
    • Be a community leader in our green component and sustainability program by reducing global emissions and waste, and using energy and natural resources effectively, efficiently and intelligently by reducing negative environmental impacts
    • Training and assisting our employees, suppliers, customers, contractors, and commercial partners to promote responsible management of transportation, products and processes
  • Encourage constructive communication with our employees, suppliers, customers and neighbors on managing health, safety, security and environmental issues

This policy will be enabled through corporate standards and management plans that establish objectives and targets. Implementation will be achieved through management and organizational commitment, allocation of sufficient human and capital resources, and rigorous measurement and corrective action systems.