China details anti-Zika prep for US exporters, but questions remain

Chinese authorities have provided some guidance on how U.S. exporters need to show that they have made their shipments mosquito-free, or risk having their cargo turned away because of concerns over the the Zika virus, but questions remain.

Container shipments to China shall hold a valid mosquito eradication certificate, which shall contain: when and where the treatment was taken, the amount and the numbers of containers, the issuer, the exporter, the importer, cargo information as well as the effective ingredients, doses, instruction and duration of anti-mosquito agents.

Temperature shall be marked if the cargoes have been fumigated, according to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China. The document shall have English or Chinese copy.

Where there is no proof of such measures, immediate mosquito eradication will need to be performed under the supervision of the inspection and quarantine authority, and strict quarantine and inspection measures on transportation vehicles, cargo, container, luggage and postal parcels are expected to be taken.

According to the rules issued by GAQS, U.S. exporters need to provide proof of valid disinsection by a government-approved organization, but which groups are authorized isn’t stated.

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