Brazilian Truckers are Back to Work after Week-Long Strike Paralyzes Country

Brazilian President Michel Temer says he will concede to demands a week after 600,000 truckers went on strike, paralyzing the country.

A state of emergency was declared in Brazil and the army was ordered to clear highways over the weekend as the country struggled with food and fuel shortages that shut down much of the nation, including international airports, after drivers went on strike a week ago to protest fuel prices.

Temer said the government will subsidize the cost of diesel fuel for the next 60 days in order to get drivers back to work. Pump prices will be cut to $0.46 reals per liter (about $0.16 CND per liter) from $3.60 reals ($1.26 CND) for two months, followed by increases only once a month. Some taxes on diesel will also be eliminated.