Aviation Security Set To Tighten Following Sharm El Sheikh And Paris Incidents

Aviation security is set to tighten around the world as Russia Tuesday confirmed that Metrojet Flight 9268 from Sharm el Sheikh had been brought down by an explosive device. Russia said that traces of explosives had been found on debris from the Airbus A321 aircraft that was brought down in Egypt last month, killing all 224 people on board. FSB’s chief said a bomb had been planted on board the Metrojet plane, equivalent to up to 1kg of TNT. The bomb had shattered the plane mid-air on 31 October, explaining the wide dispersal of fuselage pieces. The UK and other countries had already expressed concerns about airport security at Sharm el Sheikh after footage appeared to reveal airport employees moving between airside and landside areas without security screening.

And individual airlines are also expected to examine their procedures. Earlier this month, Emirates’ president said his airline was already reviewing its security procedures in anticipation of tighter rules, particularly in terms of security and ramp handling and access to its aircraft at higher-risk airports.