Supply Chain Disruptions and “Emergency Fees”

To The valued clients of The Gateway Logistics Group and our subsidiaries:

Worldwide we are experiencing significant disruptions in the supply chain. The following items are examples of constraints, delays and new charges that are being enacted by the ports around the country.


A shortage of truck drivers and ocean freight container chassis is causing delays in container drayage. We have found the need to schedule container transportation four weeks in advance to have some assurance we will be able to transport your products.

Hazardous material shipments add to the level of complexity and are subject to additional delays as drivers must be specially certified to manage hazardous shipments.

Los Angeles/ Long Beach

With the escalating backlog of ships waiting to be discharged the port of Los Angeles and Long Beach (as many as 70 vessels await berths daily) are implementing an additional charge to prompt the rapid removal of containers from the terminals. Container Excess Dwell Fee or Emergency Government Port Storage – Port of Los Angeles

Fees will begin being charged on November 15, 2021. The fee will be assessed on all containers dwelling for 9 days or more on truck moves or 6 days or more on rail bound moves. The 9th day and 6th day respectively will be the first day charged.

Fees will be charges as follows as an example on truck moves.

Days on Terminal Daily Charge Cumulative Charge
9 $100 $100
10 $200 $300
11 $300 $600
12 $400 $1,000
13 $500 $1,500


Rail bound moves

Days on Terminal Daily Charge Cumulative Charge
6 $100 $100
7 $200 $300
8 $300 $600
9 $400 $1,000
10 $500 $1,500

Both have no upper limit and will continue increasing each day.

This charge is applicable to all waterfront terminal dwelling import containers.

The fee is inclusive of Saturdays and Sundays. The fee is charged to the Steamship Line which in turn will be invoicing the ultimate client. Our subsidiary, OverOceans, Inc. will add this cost to all the invoices of the responsible party.